Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lonesome Traveler

This is the third installment of the Lost Lake Stories cycle. This mixup was inspired by the movie Paris, Texas featuring an awesome soundtrack score by Ry Cooder. The movie opens with a man walking alone in the desert with nothing but the wind and sun for company. I took this image and decided to create my own soundtrack of a solitary lonesome man traveling in an empty quiet western landscape through deserts and small backwater towns…towns that whisper instead of shout. Keeping with the literary theme of the previous two mixes, the title comes from a book by Jack Kerouac, Lonesome Traveler, about his hobo-like wanderings through 1950’s America and Mexico. The mix has a decidedly twangy western feel to compliment Ry Cooder’s amazing slide guitar while keeping a slow, quiet ambient progression. The jpeg “score” for this mix is included in the Cover Art and Score Zip file below. Also, right below is the “soundword” description for the mix I did again trying to use a Kerouac-like automatic writing style. I hope you enjoy this new mixup. And remember, I like comments!

L o s t L a k e S t o r i e s C h a p t e r 3: LONESOME TRAVELER

Lonesome Traveler walks through ghosttown dreams and desert sandsky searching for slow memories of a brightskip life. Sunheat washes over lazy landscapes shimmering slitscan in still life. Warm wind blows guitarsong for lonely days of heathaze lands and moonsurf nights. Timetrip towns in oldtime, lost among backwater roads and black and white Kodaks. Shining stargazes of forevernever hope. Lone footfalls on sand and sidewalk spying distant boys on bikes and sundress breezeflutters against softblue sunwashed skies. A storyneverending journeysearch for sunmelted ice cream cones and porchcold lemonade laughter mixed with quiet smiles and warm words from melted hearts and clouddrift minds. He walks between seconds of memorytime.

A boxgathering rises in the farscape edge of the sky. Yearning feet turn on the brightmelted blackribbonhighway. Alonetown echos emptynothing sounds as Traveler passes through on silent strings of memories. Alone.

Downloads (right click, save link as):

MP3 [67:48m] (93 mb) (192k)

Cover Art & Score (Zip)



  1. Various Soundfiles – Little Children Movie
  2. Ry Cooder - Paris, Texas
  3. Steve Roach and Roger King - A Bigger Sky
  4. Ry Cooder - Brothers
  5. Loren Connors - Whispers
  6. Steve Roach and Roger King - First Sunrise
  7. Yuichiro Fujimoto - Listen to November Steps
  8. Yellow 6 - Summersend
  9. Robin Guthrie - Pale
  10. Ry Cooder - Nothing Out There
  11. John Fahey - Finale
  12. Loren Connors - Lullaby (the 1st)
  13. Steve Roach and Roger King - Rain and Creosote
  14. Handsome Family - Last Night I Went Out Walking
  15. Daniel Lanois - Carla
  16. Yuichiro Fujimoto - Handwritten Map to Sea
  17. Grails - Canyon Hymn
  18. James Blackshaw - Granite and Wineglass
  19. Ry Cooder - No Safety Zone
  20. Ry Cooder - Cancion Mixteca
  21. John Fahey - View (East from...Riggs Road B & O Trestle)
  22. Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd - Goodbye to Wendy
  23. Hammock - The Silence
  24. Loren Connors - Grandmother
  25. Ess - Gee-gem
  26. Steve Roach and Roger King - Ghost Train
  27. Ramblin' Thomas - Poor Boy Blues
  28. Deaf Center - Lobby
  29. Loren Connors - Jesuits
  30. Loren Connors Voice of the Ocean, Despair Not!
  31. Yuichiro Fujimoto - History of Dreams
  32. Ry Cooder - Dark Was the Night

A New "e" in Cafe

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Low Light Mixes

It's been a busy last couple of months but I am finally getting back to the Café! I'll be posting a new mix shortly...Chapter 3 of the Lost Lake Stories cycle...Lonesome Traveler.

My friend Dave over at
Low Light Mixes has recently posted two excellent mixes, "Autumn MIx" and "String Theory". Go check them out, they're great!