Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hydrogen Links Two

Here is another in a series of posts providing links that I think might be interesting to Hydrogen Cafe listeners. This is the Hydrogen Cafe International Edition!

First is a link to a really nice ambient mix done by my friend Lord Sherwell from the UK. This is his first mix using the Acoustica mixing software that I use for my mixes. In his own words:

It was originally inspired by walking early in the morning i
n the fog shrouded woods near where I work. While walking I found myself thinking about a friend of mine I'm very fond of but haven't seen for sometime. Approximate running order goes something like this:

00:01 'Haunted Ballroom' - The Caretaker
02:00ish 'Fog Animal' - Deaf Centre
05:30ish 'In the Cold I'm Standing' - M83
09:00is 'Black Dress' - Svarte Greiner
18:00ish 'Another Ballard For Heavy Lids' - Stars Of The Lid
20:00ish 'Final Slee
p' - Svarte Greiner
5:15ish 'St.Christopher' - Mark Isham
27:00ish 'Waves Become Wings' - This Mortal Coil
30:10ish 'Cad Godddeu' - Nest
34:15ish Clip from Solaris
37:15ish 'Stay With Me' - Clint Mansell
39:00 is clip from Solaris

(Plus assorted Crow samples, a bell sampled from the This Mortal Coil track and plenty of pops, crackles and scrapes courtesy of the tracks on Type records)

Lord Sherwell's "Fog Memory" MP3 can be downloaded
here (right click, save link as)

second link is from my new friend DJ Orion, a well-known DJ from Finland. DJ Orion kindly asked to use my mix Music for Sunrise in his latest podcast. So, a big thank you! to DJ Orion and a big HELLO! to all of the new Hydrogen Cafe visitors from Finland and around the world.

DJ Orion's Podcast page can be found here

(DJ Orion has a number of great chillout and house music podcasts and mixes available--give them a listen!)

DJ Orion's main page can be found here