Saturday, July 28, 2007

Music for Sunrise

I received a lot of really nice feedback on my last mix Music for Stargazing Vol 1. Thanks for all of the nice comments. One listener asked if I could go from night to day and do a sunrise mix. So, per your request, I would like to present: Music for Sunrise.

This mix, like the last, was inspired by the annual trips I take to a lake cottage in northern Wisconsin. Besides putting together music mixes for looking at the night sky I had also, over the years, collected tracks to play in the early mornings. The tracks collected for this sunrise mix are ambient in nature--songs that give a sense of an awakening dawn sky. Most of the tracks also have a Classical Music "sound" to them. I’ve always associated early mornings with Classical Music and that first hot cup of coffee. I also included a few very slow, quiet Classical works in the mix as well. Music for Sunrise was originally inspired by the work of Harold Budd. He is an amazing piano player with a massive body of excellent ambient compositions. The album he did with Brian Eno, Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror, was my first introduction to him many moons ago. If any album evokes “dawn” this beautiful work would be it. So, the next time you awake at dawn, grab a hot cup of joe and play Music for Sunrise. I hope you enjoy it.

Downloads (right click, save target as):


1. Deon Rowe - Early Morning Birds (field recording)
2. Olivier Nijs – Cornfield Insects and Birds (field recording)
3. Harold Budd & Brian Eno - First Light

4. John Foxx & Harold Budd - Long Light
5. James Johnson – Remembrance
6. Kit Watkins - Beauty Drifting
7. Patrick O'Hearn - A Lovely Place To Be
8. Aaron Copeland - Appalachian Spring: Andante
9. Rachel's - Egon & Wally Embrace and Say Farewell
10. Michael Hoppé - Martin Tillman - Tim Wheater - Long Ago
11. Erik Satie - Gymnopdie I (Orchestration Debussy)
12. Roger Eno - Days Like This
13. John Didlock – Dawn Chorus (field recording)
14. Vaughan Williams - The Lark Ascending
15. Max Richter - Sunlight
16. Henry Purcell - Sonata for Trumpet & Strings in D Major - Adagio
17. Stars of the Lid - Jon McCafferty - Anchor States - Part I
18. Budd-Garcia-Lenz - Somos Tres
19. Roger Eno - Turning
21. Harold Budd - Robin Guthrie - The Memories Returning
22. Helios - Halving the Compass


eglebegle said...

Oh my God. Amazing sounds. Thanks a lot nrvnet! What a beautiful.. sunday :)

Anonymous said...

This mix is absolutely beautiful. Subtle and elegant. Thank you.

nrvnet said...

Thanks for the great comments eglebegle and anon..I really appreciate it! I'm glad you liked it. :)

SVB said...

good work - thanks for posting. if you ever do a 'sunrise' vol 2, may i suggest you include David Sylvian's "Answered Prayers" from his 'Gone To Earth' album.

toma said...

thanks for this. this is great after a freeparty in the woods.
i love what you did here, sincerely.

nrvnet said...

Thanks for the kind words svb and toma. :) I will definately consider that Sylvian cut svb if I do another sunrise mix. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your mixes for some time but I have to comment on this one. It showed up at a stressful time for me and proved to be the balm I needed. Thanks...

nrvnet said...


your comment really means a lot to me. I'm really glad you liked the mix so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi there nrvnet. I stumbled across your site after googling Max Richter and have since listened to and downloaded two of your mixes. I feel like I'm in heaven. Your mixes are sublime and not only have you introduced me to artists I am not familiar with but you have also reminded of why I fell in love with guys like Eno, Budd, Roach and Glass in the first place. You are an artist in your own right. Hope you can find a place in one of your mixes for some of the less frantic stuff Wim Mertens has done. Your new fan from down under in New Zealand. Mike

nrvnet said...


Thanks so much for your great comment! I'm glad you found the Hydrogen Cafe and it's great to have listeners in New Zealand! There will be lot's more to come in 2008. Take care and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great tunes! You have a listeners in Russia as well! Respect!

Paul Chillage said...

I listen to this mix every night before I sleep. I can't praise you enough. Well done on one of the best mixes of any genre I have ever heard.