Saturday, October 23, 2010

The End

This is the end of the Hydrogen Cafe. I don't really have the motivation or the muse to do it anymore. Thanks to everyone who listened and to all who made such positive comments over the years.
- nrvnet

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
-  Orson Welles


Alexander said...

Sad to hear that, but thanks for all what you did in the past. I've been one of the silent followers of your output and always enjoyed it.

Muttley said...

Sad news, but I understand you were thinking this for a while and don't blame you if the ruse isn't there. This blog was one of my major inspirations to make ambient mixes myself. I hope you keep it online so at least fans can remember your efforts and make new ones. :)

Anonymous said...

Really sad news. I really liked your mixes and was really looking forward to "Music for Stargazing Vol 3". But I understand your position and just wanted to say thanks for everything. :(

tonepoet said...

I'm saddened for sure. As, like one other stated, your 'Music For Stargazing' series was just great. I really enjoyed what you did, and I thank you for sharing it with us!! Good luck with your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

This is such a shame. I first started listening to this blog when i was 17 and it was mostly responsible for getting me into ambient music. 'Book Of Dreams' is an amazing mix i still listen to and remember. 'A Perfect Rainy Day Thinking of Old Memories'
is still in my 2 gig mp3 player today!

Thankyou for the many fantastic mixes over the years.

scott said...

:( sad to see the end after all these years but everything has to end sooner or later
all the best with the future and thanks for those amazing mixes
take care :D

Sochu said...

Nooooooooo! I just read your post about stopping. We love you here in NYC, we will miss your awesome mixes. Don't give u making music, you have touched more hearts than you know, and inspired me to make music again!

Anonymous said...

Sincerest thanks for all the time and effort spent on creating these mixes, your work will be sorely missed.

Cold Clarity said...

I just found your blog, its wonderful and thank-you for posting the audio.

I am sorry you are closing shop.

christopher stewart said...

Thank you so much for all of the beautiful, deep and wonderfil mixes.

I listen to them often.

Be well and be happy in whatever you do in the future.

Ya te digo said...

Muchas gracias por tu trabajo y esfuerzo, y por acercarnos esta maravillosa musica a través de tus mezclas.Espero que encuentres algo que te inspire para tu nueva etapa, pero tus musicas permaneceran en mi coleccion.
Un saludo y suerte.

Ivanneth said...

This is a very bad news... I've enjoyed your blog and your mixes for a long time, and I'm very sad that you stop them...

Anonymous said...

): es una lástima
tu blog es uno de los mejores blogs de musica ambiental que he encontrado
tus mezclas son increibles, no habia

espero que cambies de parecer
i hope u change ur mind
greets from mexico

Stephen said...

Damn. Sorry to hear it. Hadn't been back here in awhile since there weren't any current updates. You, Low Light Mixes, and Sleepbot have made me spend a ton of money on CDs that I probably would have never heard.

You say it's the end. Well here's hoping after being away from it for some time you find the strength and drive to do it again. You really did some stellar mixes and I appreciate all of your hard work.

As they say "Everything that has a beginning... has an end." But that end is a new beginning as well. Here's to you... looking forward to some day hearing your mixes again. Thanks...


Anonymous said...

I once pay for a cup of coffee, like $20, but the coffee was delicious, it was so delicious that I almost cry when I finish ;D

echtZEIT said...

THANK YOU for providing great art over the years. Please keep those little milestones online.

I wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

l feel like l am talking to the ghost in the machine,you may never see this post but l had to say thanks for the very fine mixes and wish you well ...may the star always shine in your backyard

Devin said...

I, like many others have followed this blog for years. I've checked in on it from time to time, always enjoying your work.

But this see it long gone, makes me feel like I missed something beautiful passing in the night.

Your mixes helped me write when I could not and hope that someday I would produce something as fueled organically as your work.

You will not be forgotten,


pixymagic said...

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Anonymous said...


tonepoet said...

I still check back here sometimes in hope that you are once again posting amazing mixes. We miss you!

Alex said...

I remember getting into your mixes, you really helped me get into a lot of different music that I wouldn't listen to in a million years. It helped me through some tough times and then some. Here is for hoping that one day you will continue to do what you do because judging by the other comments, we all appreciate your work. While I didn't check your blog every day, I did a few times a year and I just found out about all of this; I will continue to do so hoping that I will get lucky. Whatever happens, you and this blog will not be forgotten.

P.S. For now!!

Drifter said...

Thanks for the memories mate, Tea Time at Brian Eno's House still gets regular outings.

All efforts much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

how can I get those mixes?
i try to download them from here but..
the only one i got is Dharma Bums - and its amazing..
please, somebody who can share - let mi know

your ever well-wisher

Unknown said...

Had my iPod on shuffle and "The Dharma Bums" came across. What a good mix. Miss your work and I hope you're still doing well.

Ashley Pomeroy said...

Sleepbot just started playing "Book of Dreams", one of your mixes from 2006; there is much that is lost even in 2014.

Thomas Lindsey said...

If anyone wants any of these old mixes, I still have them all. You can feel free to contact me at tonepoetry(at)gmail(dot)com. I can load them in a cloud for downloading.

Thomas Lindsey said...

I did a tribute to you show. You can find it here:

Thanks for what you did, and what you were. Peace.


scott said...

just over 3000 days later and i still find myself coming back to what was (^.^)