Sunday, August 27, 2006

Music Mix Scores

Jim Cole (from Spectral Voices) e-mailed me to suggest that I put time codes in the tracklisting for Tea Time at Brian Eno’s House and The Stars My Destination so people could tell where pieces start and end. I wrote back to explain that my “mixups” truly mix songs up with pieces starting and stopping in the middle of the song and sometimes starting again. Others may start in the middle and sometimes there are several layers of things being played simultaneously. So, putting in exact timecodes would be difficult.

Instead I decided to do a screen capture of the “score” of those two mixes. I use Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer to do most of my mixes which allows multi-tack mixing and the adjustment of volume levels within tracks. On the top of the score you will see the timeline. The rectangles are the music tracks. The “line graphs” within each piece show the sound levels as the piece progresses. So, by viewing the capture you should be able to see what is playing at various points in the mix. I’ll try and publish the scores with future mixes as well. I hope they are helpful. I have jpegs of the scores available for download below.

Downloads (right click, save link as):

Tea Time at Brian Eno’s House Score

The Stars My Destination Score


dave said...

Thanks for the scores. It's very interesting to actually be able to see the interaction of the cuts in the mix.

The only problem is that now I feel totally inadequate. My mixes are so plain in comparison. :(


nrvnet said...

Please Dave! ;)

You're the one who was the trailblazer. I'll always be playing catch up to Low Light Mixes. Sometimes simpler is better. :)


dave said...

"They call me the trailblazer. Rael, electric razor."

Scott M2 said...

A jpg of each of your mixes is a great idea. It reminds me of the "mix guides" in the "Northern Exposure" CD(s) by Sasha & Digweed - which I always appreciated. Nice work!

Scott M2

nrvnet said...

Thanks for the kind words Scott. I'll plan on posting the scores for upcoming mix posts as well. Thanks for listening!