Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Perfect Rainy Day Thinking of Old Memories

Here is a straightforward mix I did last year. Something to listen to on rainy days...

And what does the rain say at night in a small town, what does the rain have to say? Who walks beneath dripping melancholy branches listening to the rain?

-Jack Kerouac

Downloads (right click, save link as):

MP3 [73:54m] (102 mb)

Cover Art (zip)


  1. INTERLUDE 1 Rain (0:14)
  2. Sigur Ros – Untitled (2:45)
  3. Trembling Blue Stars – The Far Too Simple Beauty (3:29)
  4. World Standard – Snowflakes (7:49)
  5. Goldmund – Pahelia (6:04)
  6. Sylvian Chauveau – Minéral (2:56)
  7. Idaho – Levitate Pt. 2 (4:21)
  8. Harold Budd – Avalon Sutra (3:37)
  9. INTERLUDE 2 Rain (0:30)
  10. RF – Spring (7:59)
  11. Goldmund – Anomolie Loop (1960 – 1969) (6:59)
  12. Sigur Ros – Untitled (2:34)
  13. Helios – Sunes Christmas (3:57)
  14. George Winston – Black Stallion (3:48)
  15. Broken Social Scene – Guilty Cubicles (3:02)
  16. Talk Talk – I Believe In You (6:15)
  17. Muse – Blackout (4:17)
  18. INTERLUDE 3 Rain (0:15)
  19. Vangelis – Tears In Rain (2:51)


yuk said...

Hey! Nrv Net,
I was listening to Blentwell Podcast as usual and then "A Perfect Rainy Day... (MP3)" was played on my iTunes.
I listened to the whole of the mix twice,maybe three times. Normaly I like the other kinds of stuffs like House, Dub, HipHop and Electronica on Blentwell. But I love and enjoy yours lots. Big up from Tokyo!

nrvnet said...

Tokyo! Coolio! I'm glad you liked the mix yuk. Comments like yours make my efforts worthwhile. There will be more mixes posted soon. Thanks for listening.

Wes Plate said...

I'm having a bugger of a time getting this or Tea with Brian Eno to download, are these files available anywhere else?

nrvnet said...


Sorry you are having download problems! All of my mixes are hosted via my Switchpod ftp account. The links on my blog homepage link directly to the ftp. Here are the direct links:

Tea Time: http://www.switchpod.com/users/nrvnet/ftp/Tea_Time_at_Brian_Enos_House.mp3

Rainy Day:

Try copying them into your browser address bar and hit enter (make sure to highlight the entire line left to right even if you can't see it all). Or you can right click on the homepage link and select properties (in Windows) to see the URL. Unfortunately this is the only place my mixes are downloadable from.

But, if you are still having problems, send me an email at nrv_net@hotmail.com and I can send you something via IM or snail mail.

nrvnet said...

P.S. Wes: I tried downloading both files myself and it worked fine so please try again. If it still doesn't work then just send me an email (see above).

Wes Plate said...

Another day, another computer and the downloads completed. Thanks, I'm listening now!

antonio said...


I don't know how i reached your blog. I think I was stumbling for "ambient".
to get to the point: I've been listening for ambient for quite some time now. I don't play any other kind. In fact, I had started giving up on any hopes of finding new tunes, something unique... and then I found you, my friend. Seriously, I love your music. Simply love it!!!
I will be falling asleep tonight while playing this mix of yours.
keep it up!

nrvnet said...


Thanks so much for your comment! It really mean a lot knowing people like my mixes.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to this mix a lot recently, it is so peaceful and relaxing, I love it.

vco1 said...

Great mix! Play it at work, and it makes the day a lot better. :).
Found some new artists too.

diavoli said...

Beautiful, moving mixes. you should be proud of both your taste and talent.

nrvnet said...


Thanks for your kind regards. I'm glad you like the mixes. I'm not sure of my "talent" but I have fun doing them. Thanks for listening.