Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hydrogen Links One

It's been a lot of fun putting this music mix blog together. In the course of the past year I've gotten a number of e-mails from people who have the liked the various ambient mixes I've done. Knowing that people have taken the time to write me makes the work I put into the mixes really worthwhile. A number of those e-mails have been from artists whose work may have been included in a mix thanking me for using them. Others have been e-mails from artists and music labels who want to let me know about their work and want to invite me to use their music in a future mix. I'm really grateful for the thank-you's and honored that ambient artists would like me to feature their work. So, I thought that, instead of making promises that I may or may not be able to keep, that I would start a new feature where I will highlight links that people have sent me--links highlighting artists or music labels or new musical works. I thought I'd also include other interesting ambient-related links I've come across. So, if you are an ambient artist, a music label, or do ambient, experimental or downtempo music mixes of your own, drop me an e-mail and I will include your links in future "Hydrogen Links" posts. These don't constitute endorsements or recommendations. This is just my way of spreading the ambient world.....

Al Gromer Khan's Rasa Music
Al Gromer Khan´s Top 50 fifty years in music listing...
Al Gromer Khan´s essay on ambient music: Ambient Religion
Rigel Orionis
Darren Rogers - The Alternate Realms
Darren Rogers' Imagineer Records MySpace page
Ouim Internet Radio
So Ham Sounds - an ambient music mix (right click, save link as...)
So Ham Sounds MySpace page
Infraction Records (Beautumn, Northern, Milieu, etc)
Infraction Records MySpace page


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