Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tea Time at Brian Eno's House

Here is the very first true "mixup" I did last year and previously posted on Low Light Mixes. Tea Time at Brian Eno's House is based on an idea of being invited to tea at Brian Eno's house and what one might hear from his in-house sound installation. I tried to approach the mix in an “Eno-esque” fashion, building track upon track. The foundation of the mix is made up of long-form Eno cuts (Neroli, Thursday Afternoon, etc.) that play at very low levels throughout the mix. On top of that are Quiet American field recordings that fade in and out. On top of that are various Eno and other artist tracks mixed end to end and sometimes together. So, at any point in the mix, there are 2-5 things playing at the same time.

The Eno speaking parts are from a long interview with him. I cut 2-10 second pieces at random from the track. I then assembled bunches of those pieces together, somewhat at random, at various points throughout the mix. So, you get Eno speaking in “nonsense words” that weirdly make sense in a way. I hope you enjoy it.

Downloads (right click, save link as):

MP3 [79:53m] (192k) (109 mb)

Cover Art (zip)


Please leave a comment if you like the mix.


  1. An interview with Brian Eno - Eno Speaks
  2. Brian Eno - Neroli
  3. The Golden Oaks - Candles Dangling from Boxwood Branches
  4. The Quiet American - 3 Trains
  5. Helios - Easy Days
  6. Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon
  7. John Fox, Harold Budd - Adult
  8. Robert Rich - Weightless Morning
  9. Brian Eno - IKEBUKURO
  10. The Quiet American - Short Train
  11. Shuttle358 - Chessa
  12. Clickits - Weirdloop
  13. Kiln - Season
  14. Brian Eno - Chamber Lightness
  15. Clickits - Riverfolk
  16. Brian Eno - Caught Between
  17. The Remote Viewer - Listening to Ballad of the Band
  18. The Quiet American - Waking
  19. Broken Social Scene - I Slept With The Bonhomme At The CBC
  20. Amute - A l'ombre de 12000 medias
  21. Brian Eno - A Long Way Down
  22. Brian Eno - Drift Study
  23. Brian Eno - Soft Dawn
  24. Brian Eno - Discreet Music
  25. The Quiet American - First Light
  26. Helios - Mulier
  27. Brian Eno - Lantern Marsh
  28. Alva Note + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Uoon I.mp3


ian said...

this is a great mix for unwinding to. Thanks

diego chersicola said...

soo nice, wondering how to thank you....

nrvnet said...


You just did thank me. ;) I'm glad you like Tea Time. Thanks for listening!

Rick (nrvnet)

garyc8 said...

AWESOME Work __ The more I hear it, the more i LOVE IT.


nrvnet said...


I'm really glad you like Tea Time. Even though it was my first mix, it's still one of my favorites. Thanks for listening.

Rick (nrvnet)

poignantPoint said...

Just came across this. Been reading the recent biography on Eno written by David Sheppard, really keen to listen to this mate. Cheers.

roccotuna said...

your mixes are fantastic! this one might be my favorite, it's amazing for studying, thinking, or relaxing. thank you!

kimberly said...

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dibor said...

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